Bad manners.

That’s the first thing I thought of when Mikey said he was “reaching for it”… “reaching across the table (top)”!

Mikey Sandoval #555 motocross 65 ktm

Hanging out with his buddies.

Mikey and friends


Summer heat!

Mike Sandoval at Milestone, MX Racers hole shot

Mike Sandoval at Pala Raceway, practice, step up

Mikey Sandoval number 555

Just catching up with Mikey… a tough thing to do these days. Highlights of this summer:

MX Racers at Milestone | Mikey (65cc Novice) gets the holeshot, squeezing out the 65cc Intermediates!
Practice at the new track at Pala Raceway | Steppin’ up, then clearing the triple!
Modeling for his mama.

Hole shot!

Lake Elsinore 04-05-09. Way to go, Mikey!

Moto Kidz Lake Elsinore | March 29, 2009

Mikey decided to experiment getting off the gate today. He quickly discovered, after the first two motos, that his old technique was not so bad after all! Luckily, he was able to work his way up to 2nd (65cc novice) and 4th (65cc open). His third moto, he had a great start and a great race, placing 2nd (65cc novice). And for his last moto, he scored himself a hole shot and placed 5th (65cc open). Way to go, Mikey!!
I had so much fun watching you and your friends today, Mikey!

Mikey Sandoval Lake Elsinore MX Racer


Mikey Sandoval and William Mc Bride MX Racer

Mikey Sandoval MX Racer Lake Elsinore

MX Racer Lake Elsinore

Michael Quinn MX Racer Lake Elsinore

Mikey Sandoval MX Racer Lake Elsinore

William Mc Bride MX Racer Lake Elsinore

Carson Carr MX Racer Lake Elsinore

Ezra Lewis MX Racer Lake Elsinore

Mikey Sandoval MX Racer Lake Elsinore

And… can you believe that if you turn your back to the track, their is beauty on the other side. Mikey’s little sister Lily, studying a wild flower.

Lily Sandoval

And Kalynn and Makenna. Makenna not so happy that IĀ interruptedĀ her ladybug hunt.

Kalynn and Makenna "spectators"

Practice at Perris

Mikey and his buddies at Tuesday night practice. March 2008… Mikey’s first time clearing the double!

MotoXkidz : Fall series : 65cc : go Mikey!

He can’t touch the ground, but that doesn’t matter… as long as he can reach the throttle! Mikey has moved up to a 60cc for the Fall series and has proven that he can man-handle his new bike! He took first place in both motos today!

Lake Elsionore Moto Kidz | Round 7

Second place! Go, Mikey!