Mikey vs. Mammoth

The scenery was beautiful and the competition was tough. On the first day of racing, Mikey (#555) placed 21st amongst 60 of America’s most qualified mini riders. On the second day, he was pumped and ready to clear the freeway tabletop (pictured above), and he did it with ease. This little boost earned him a few more passes, placing 18th. His parents are proud and hold high hopes for him as he has two more years in this class!

Mikey’s friend and team mate, Ezra Lewis, clearing the tabletop.

Mikey’s friend and team mate, William McBride, on practice day. Having a blast in a gorgeous setting!

Jake Pinhancos, Mikey’s newest “moto buddy” and the 65cc 9-11 class winner . This dude is FAST. Check him out at Poncas and Loretta Lynn’s or cruisin’ around Rochester, Massachusetts on his uni-cycle!

The Privateer Connection team.

All photos © carrie sandoval 2010


Mikey’s sportin’ No Fear.

Next sponsor: GMC. We may need a new tow vehicle!

Mikey’s favorite goggles…

A gift from¬†Sean Borkenhagen (#63 lites) at Anaheim 3. Thanks, Sean… great racing!

Summer heat!

Mike Sandoval at Milestone, MX Racers hole shot

Mike Sandoval at Pala Raceway, practice, step up

Mikey Sandoval number 555

Just catching up with Mikey… a tough thing to do these days. Highlights of this summer:

MX Racers at Milestone | Mikey (65cc Novice) gets the holeshot, squeezing out the 65cc Intermediates!
Practice at the new track at Pala Raceway | Steppin’ up, then clearing the triple!
Modeling for his mama.