Bad manners.

That’s the first thing I thought of when Mikey said he was “reaching for it”… “reaching across the table (top)”!

Mikey Sandoval #555 motocross 65 ktm

Hanging out with his buddies.

Mikey and friends


Summer heat!

Mike Sandoval at Milestone, MX Racers hole shot

Mike Sandoval at Pala Raceway, practice, step up

Mikey Sandoval number 555

Just catching up with Mikey… a tough thing to do these days. Highlights of this summer:

MX Racers at Milestone | Mikey (65cc Novice) gets the holeshot, squeezing out the 65cc Intermediates!
Practice at the new track at Pala Raceway | Steppin’ up, then clearing the triple!
Modeling for his mama.