Good Night.

Mikey Sandoval Perris Raceway California MX Racer 555 motocross ktm 65

2nd place finish, but fun 1st! Mikey’s finish line cross at Perris Raceway MX Racers last Saturday night.


The slingshot.

Mike Sandoval holeshot at Lake Elsinore / MX Racer

“What do you think about on the starting gate, Mikey?”

“I think “Mike Alessi”!”, says Sandoval. I think Alessi would be proud of this hole shot! Way to go, Mikey!!

Awesome series of images captured by Mike at Factory Trash.

Bad manners.

That’s the first thing I thought of when Mikey said he was “reaching for it”… “reaching across the table (top)”!

Mikey Sandoval #555 motocross 65 ktm

Hanging out with his buddies.

Mikey and friends